History of Art's

Meet Baker Art Cabral, The Founder
of Art’s International Bakery

Art Cabral, born on the Portuguese island of Santa Maria, served his first apprenticeship to the art of baking at the age of five. His Grandfather owned a mill business that evolved to include a bakery, grinding wheat in to flour and supplying American Military bases with bread during WWII. In 1957, Mr. Cabral and his family emigrated to the United States. First in Rhode Island, then to Taunton, Mass within a year.

Art worked at a shoe shop in Brockton and supplemented his income by working at Steve's Bakery, a popular Taunton bakery at the time. He left the shoe shop to work at a foundry while keeping his job at Steve's Bakery. Art wanted to keep his hand in the bakery business. It's in his blood.

Over the years, Art continued to hone his baking skills at Fernandes Supermarket, of course, working in the bakery. Art continued to work at Fernandes and opened a small catering business out of his home in 1973. Before long, Art was supplying other caterers with whatever they needed; finger sandwiches, party size pastries, hors d'oeuvres, etc.

Finally, in 1977, Art realized his dream of owning his own bakery was too strong to ignore by working other jobs in the industry. With a $5000.00 personal investment and his home as collateral, Art purchased a distressed building on Washington Street in Taunton. Art was so intent on making his new venture a success, he worked day in and day out, almost all day. During the Blizzard of 1978, he never stopped baking or being open to his area customers and community and continues to work the same way. Anything for the customer, at any time.

New Raynham Arts International Bakery Location

Art continues to run his family business in the same accord and has never looked back. Not even when a convicted arsonist set fire to his beloved first location on Washington Street two years ago. In the wake of this, Art quickly moved his international bakery over to it's modern, commercial location over at 104 Forge River Parkway in the Forge River Business Park in Raynham, MA.

Art's philosophy is as simple and authentic as his character. His recipe for success? "I know it sounds like a cliche', but I do place the customer first. No customer is too small and no customer is too unimportant to lose over money. People buy from people, even in this age of the internet. There is no substitute for a smile, a friendly conversation and sensitivity to those you're listening to. And, honesty. You have to tell the truth. If you can't live with the truth, you certainly can't live with a lie."

What's Baking at Art's?